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Heidi and Chad's mom who has ALS                      Heidi and Chad- Slipstream's guitarist and son of woman with ALS                        Jackie and Bob Hefner - THANK YOU!!!



CRV Found. Board Member, Jen Hefner speaking                       Heidi speaking to crowd of 200 about CRV Foundation and ALS                       Heidi and Jen present top raffle prize, a DVD, to the winner!



Forty Minute Finish band member                    FMF drummer - Thanks you guys!!!                            Joe Dapier on drums.  Thanks Joe!



Jonny Polonski - Thank you!                    Slipstream on stage                            Jerry Hatchet, manager of Slipstream, presenting check to CRV foundation



Chad and Heidi celebrating a step forward in ALS funding!                    Friends of the CRV Foundation - thanks for your support!                            Event presents opportunity for a reunion!



Friendship - new and old!                    Amanda and Tyler - thanks for your support!!                            Heidi and Bob- Thanks, Bob, for the great photos of a memorable evening!


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