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Individual, tax deductible (1) donations are the single most effective way for a nonprofit organization to raise money. 

Money raised by The Curtis R. Vance Foundation goes to public education and funding of research for a cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease, and providing assistance to victims of the disease and their families. 

In its first year, this foundation raised almost $30,000.  In its second year, the CRV Foundation raised $38,000.  They raised an additional significant amount in 2002.  In 2001,they donated $5,000 to Massachusetts General Hospital for research, and $5,000 to an ALS patient.  In 2002, they donated $10,000 to Massachusetts General for research and $1,000 to a MA man with ALS.  Thus far in 2003, they have donated $2,500 to a woman in MA with ALS and a man in Texas with ALS.  Read More

The goal for this year is $100,000, but the foundation would love to surpass this expectation! 

Please, think of those that you have known that have died of ALS.  Think of those that are living with ALS now.  If you have never met an ALS patient, or an ALS survivor, think of Curtis and Heidi Vance.  Curtis in the hospital for the insertion of a feeding tube, October, 1999ALS took Curt's body away from him, and then took him away from Heidi.  Heidi and Curtis at their wedding, November 27, 1999But, ALS did not destroy them.  In fact, Curtis and Heidi grew fond of what ALS taught them, but Heidi would trade the year that they learned how to live while they prepared to die for a lifetime with Curtis in a second. 


Please help to give someone else that chance. 
Give a tax deductible
(1) donation.

Send check or money order to:      The Curtis R. Vance Foundation, Inc.
                                                1 Woods Lane
                                                Simsbury, CT 06070

To make a donation with a credit card, please call Heidi at (860) 803-8085.

Gifts of common stock and charitable gift trusts are also accepted and appreciated.
    Please call Heidi at (860) 803-8085 

If you care to donate $100 to the Curtis R. Vance Foundation, and have the name of a loved one added to the sign at The Curtis R. Vance Memorial Orchard, please send $100 and the name of the loved one to the foundation.  For more information see Memorial Orchard.


(1) Note: The Internal Revenue Service recognizes The Curtis R. Vance Foundation as a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.