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In April of 1999, members of the Danville community proposed the idea of a healing circle to help Curtis heal himself.  Curtis and Heidi were willing to try anything.  Every Thursday evening, Curtis and Heidi invited the community at large into their home.  The first evening there were twelve people, including Heidi and Curtis, and the facilitator, Diana.  The next week there were more.  One week, more than one hundred and fifty persons attended.  Forty to fifty people was the average on any given Thursday during the summer of 1999.  The weekly hour sessions allowed time for others to give Curtis and Heidi energy.  All persons who were present would imagine Curtis and Heidi, in turn, as healthy and happy and whole, and with the thought in mind that one could recover from ALS.  Some passing of energy from person to person was also performed.  Later, in the summer of 1999, hands on healing became part of the weekly routine.  Each person, whenever they felt inclined, would go to a particular part of Curtis' body, and attempt to channel energy to his body.  Then, the whole group of persons would touch Curtis, or touch the person in front of them who was touching Curtis, and stay like this until Curtis felt as though he had had enough.  Curtis always felt rejuvenated and in high spirits after the healing circles.  After the formal part of the session, Heidi and Curtis would entertain their guests with coffee, punch, and snacks, most of which were brought by the participants.  The circle gave the people in the community, and very often guests from out of state, the chance to visit with Curtis and Heidi, and to feel as though they were doing something.  Persons who know persons with ALS often feel very helpless.  These circles gave people a way to share themselves with, and show their support of Curtis and Heidi. 

Miraculously, Curtis and Heidi gave more than they got. People left their home feeling full, blessed, as though they had been given a second chance. At what? At life? At grieving? At the opportunity to use the time you have, and waste only the time you havenít? Curtis and Heidi knew they were giving, but they werenít sure how they could be when they themselves were exhausted, and why were they, when they knew they had so little left for themselves? Love. There was so much love between them, in them, through them, around them, that it flew off into every direction, onto anyone who asked for it, or didnít ask, but needed it just the same. They gave people love, and hope.  Back to Living With ALS.