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Thank you to all who have donated in memory of a loved one, in honor of a loved one, or in order to say something from the heart.  Below, please find your inscriptions, which also appear on the sign in The Curtis R. Vance Memorial Orchard.  

If you care to donate $100 to the Curtis R. Vance Foundation, and have the name of a loved one added to the sign at The Curtis R. Vance Memorial Orchard, please send $100 and the name of the loved one to the foundation.  See Donate Now for more information.
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Curtis Vance
"In memory and deep respect for a short life that leaves a huge legacy."
"From a soldier for peace to a soldier for life..."
Charles Vance
Forrest B. Langmaid
Clara McGill Langmaid
Laine Vance
Reginald Vance
Richard "Dickie" Vance, Jr.
Norman Maiden
Evelyn Baker Gauthier
Eleanor Kennedy Harwood
Robert Burke and Tennie Gaskill McGill
Harold Roy and Beatrice Machell Ryder
Richard Wilson 1959-1999, "Beloved Son"
Earl F. "Buddy" Larrabee, Jr.
Burl and Ethel Langmaid
Deborah M. Johnson
Donald A. Vear
Violet P. Erdmann
Rob McGennis
Christina Joslin
Earl McDonald- "A Loving Man"
Stanley Chamberlin
David J. Kirker
Rena McGill Longchamps
Susan T. Prior
Harry A. Drew
Maurice E. Prior, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Fenton Morse
Henry R. Allen
Donald G. Powell
Nathan Berliner
Joseph Halperin
Roland Carson
Sam and Edith Dasher
Sally Cook Andersen
Had Springer
Daniel Foley
Sheila Johnson
Dot Gilfillan
"In memory of Curtis Vance, and in honor of Heidi Vance"
Joseph Swett
Sherry LaPrade
Paul Goulette
Belle and Ted Perrigard
Donald L. Sherwood, Jr.
Martin and Agnes MacDonald
Joel R. "Doc" Dole
J. Durant and Marion Dole
Maitland Bean
Lillian A. Dawson
Patrick R. Dawson
Patrick R. Dawson, Jr.
William A. Dawson
Bruce A. Dawson
Archie Blackadar and Paul Swett
Jay Rouelle
Our mother, Nancy Sevigny
Howard and Ruth Cobb
Gloria Morse
Mary & Walter Smith and Pearl & Leonard Gadapee
In honor of Tony Bok
Ann Langmaid - A Special Aunt
John Reynolds
Charlotte Reynolds
Henry Schoenemann
Dorris Tipping-Lambert
Curt- Always a good friend
Phil and Ida Langmaid
Elmer and Evelyn Barney
Tennie Toussaint and Williamina Penniman