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ALS affects each of its victims, and everybody who knows them, differently.  For Curtis and Heidi, reality hit a few months after the diagnosis. Curtis had ALS, and ALS was fatal. Those two facts were the only things Curtis and Heidi could handle at the time. But, then, they also wanted to know, how will ALS affect me? Today, Heidi knows that there were no specific answers to their question.  But, now, using what they learned, The Curtis R. Foundation would like to present what they would have liked to have known from the very beginning.  Hindsight is wonderful.  Curtis lived for a year and four days after being diagnosed with ALS. He experienced things that others with ALS may not, just as others with ALS may experience what he did not. ALS took a physical, emotional, and financial toll on Curtis and his full-time caretaker and wife, Heidi. ALS invaded their home, their daily lives, their future, their families, but as much as they cursed it, they accepted it. Actually, they grew fond of its teachings. And, there were things that made life easier. One of the Foundationís goals is to help those who are living with ALS, now, through education and assistance.  The Foundation would like to make life just a little bit easier, just a little bit better, for another, by demonstrating what others learned from their experience with ALS.