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Curtis loved massage. Miraculously, a local masseuse donated her time once a week. When Curtis could breathe comfortably on his back and stomach, Cyndi would come to the house and perform a three hour full body massage. Using oils and hot treatments, she would knead deep into Curtís muscles, relaxing them, and making Curtis feel less cramped, less stiff, and content. As months passed, the time of the sessions decreased in relation to Curtís stamina. Eventually, Cyndi could only massage his legs, feet, arms, hands and neck while Curt sat in his blue recliner. Still, the therapy improved Curtís mood, and physical comfort. In addition, Heidi would massage him whenever they had a chance, whether they were sitting in front of the TV, visiting with company, or getting ready to fall asleep. Also, Curtis encouraged family and friends to massage him. Many people would come to visit, and as Curtis got weaker, his muscles ached to be moved, and touched, so he would insist that those who were willing get to work! Back to Living with ALS.