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Memorial Orchard

One of Curtis' dreams was to plant and own an apple orchard.  Shortly after his death, Heidi, Curt's family, her family, and many friends worked together to see his dream fulfilled.  As part of The Curtis R. Vance Spring Celebration 2000, many came together and planted an orchard on Curtis Road in North Danville, Vermont.  Curtis Road is home to Curt's family's hunting camp and a new apple orchard that holds over eighty apple trees, a cast-iron apple tree that sits upon a beautiful stone base, and a sign to memorialize many persons that have left this world, and to honor those who are still here.  For a one hundred dollar donation to The Curtis R. Vance Foundation, anyone can have the name of someone they love, or words to praise someone they love, carved on a gold plate that will be placed on the six foot by six foot wooden sign.  Please see Inscriptions for a list of those who have been memorialized or honored in this way.  The Curtis R. Vance Memorial Orchard is a serene spot in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  It is a place to go to, sit, and remember.  Visitors are welcome.  To memorialize, honor, or say something to someone you love, please Donate Now.


sign at the memorial orchard, hand carved by some of the inmates at the Caledonia Community Work Camp           memorial tree, fashioned from pieces of pipe welded together, sculpted by Joe Hallowell, North Danville, VT            Base of the cast iron apple tree with the inscription, CV + HV           Memorial apple tree and stone base