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Community healing circle goes on, The North Star Monthly, February 2000.  by Diana Webster.

    Last April Curtis Vance and others decided to start a healing circle to help him heal from the disease called ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.  I was honored with the invitation to facilitate the group.  From the beginning Curtis' goals were to help the community heal and to help himself heal as well.
    It became obvious to all who attended the circles that something powerful was taking place.  He became very grounded and peaceful throughout the process of weekly energy focusing and healing touch.  He also became very connected to this community.
    In the process of joining together in non-denominational spirituality we formed a very safe unit and space for being who we truly are.  We gave to Curtis unconditionally and received what sometimes seemed like more in return.
    Since Curtis passed on December 19, 1999 the group has continued to meet each week, although we are adjusting our focus.  In grieving for Curtis we are opening ourselves to the process of personal healing.  At the last circle we experienced deep relaxation, the giving and receiving of energy, time for dialogue, healing touch (as a deeply supportive way to connect with each other), sound healing and prayer.  We are connecting at a very profound level with each other, with the planet and with the universe.
    If you or anyone you know desire a deeper community connection or if you feel you are in need of some level of emotional, spiritual, physical or mental healing, come to the Healing Circle... All that is required is an open mind.

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