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Patricia Lee Erdmann, Secretary

Tricia lived with Heidi and Curtis for the entire summer of 1999, and became Curtis' second caregiver.  The bond that Curt and Tricia developed, as well as the experience of caring for an ALS patient, urged her to join this foundation.

Patricia Lee ErdmannBorn in Farmington, Connecticut in 1981, Tricia grew up in Wethersfield, Connecticut. She graduated from The Loomis Chaffee School in Windsor, Connecticut in 1999. While at Loomis, she was a member of the soccer, squash, and tennis teams, she challenged herself academically, she was involved in the yearbook and theatre, and was a tour guide. She entered Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont, in the fall of 1999. Presently, she is in her senior year, and has thus far immersed herself in the theatre. A double Theatre/French major, she has enjoyed working on and acting in a few shows. She went abroad to Paris, France for her Junior year. Her passion for theatre stems from her desire to communicate and connect with others, and her constantly changing necessity to understand herself. Having learned about the struggle to live while preparing to die, and what is involved in keeping the person you love alive from both her sister, Heidi, and her brother-in-law, Curtis, she wants to now share her experience in order to help others.  As a young woman in college, she intends to spread the awareness of ALS to the younger population, in hope that in such interactions with people, they will learn from her experience, and in turn, she will understand a bit more about herself.  Back to Board Members.

"For if the self is ever elusive, split into perceiver and perceived, the teller of the tale and the listener of the tale- and also ever changing through time, from moment to moment- then the only authentic experience that can be communicated is the experience of the single moment in the fullest of its emotional intensity, its existential totality. And that, after all, is what all art is trying to capture."